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Improving Articles[]

The current key task is to complete the copying over of articles on the List of psychology topics from Wikipedia to act as place holders for more academic contributions. Turn these Bad ones which is improving into these great ones.

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Improving Articles
See Also: Tasks To Do List

How can I contribute as:

NB: Many of the links listed for 'Creating New Articles' below, are very relevant to Improving Articles.

We are currently seeking someone to maintain the project of setting up appropriate links to the many videos relevent to psychology (eg of skinner, Seligman etc) that are appearing on Youtube

Featured Articles[]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Featured articles
See Also: Tasks To Do List

Current Featured Article[]

Our current article can still be improved:

Article being prepared[]

  • We are currently working on cleaning, adding to and correcting the article on Clinical Depression. The idea is to get this article to a very high standard, so that we can determine how we want our finalised articles to look. The idea of this is that:
  • 1) We can then show it off as an example of how the site will look to attract new users.
  • 2) It will serve as a guide for how to lay out future articles for future contributors to follow. Please see the article and its Talk Page.

Future Articles[]

We are considering getting the following articles up to featured article standard:

Copying Articles[]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Copying Articles
See Also: Tasks To Do List

Copy from Wikipedia[]

  • See Copying from Wikipedia
  • Add the text {{enWP|ARTICLE NAME}}
  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to cleaning articles

Published Articles[]

  • Absolutely NO copyrighted articles should be copied to the Psychology Wiki!
  • Published work must be properly Referenced
  • Papers can be linked to (.pdf format is best).
  • Published/copyrighted work MUST NOT be uploaded as article content.

Unpublished Work/Research[]

  • Old coursework can be uploaded to this site.
  • Academic Credit for Contributions.
  • Any coursework uploaded to a general content page can and will be changed by other editors
  • So DO NOT upload your published or unpublished important research in this form!
  • Published work should be linked to as .pdfs
  • Unpublished work you wish to remain unedited should be linked to as .pdfs
  • Any work uploaded as an article is copyright free.


  • Content on the Psychology Wiki that is not in .pdf is copyright free and can be re-used by anyone for any purpose.
  • However, wholesale copying of articles which you then present as your own work is still plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism is a serious misdemeanor in Academic and Professional circles.
  • At its most serious it can lead to being expelled from courses, or even educational institutions.

NB: Many of the links listed for 'Creating New Articles' below, are very relevant to Copying Articles.

Improving Structure[]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Improving Structure
See Also: Tasks To Do List
See Also: List of links for removal

Please take your time to explore this site. You will see that although much is up and running, there is a need to structure and organise the project better.Please contribute and fix bad articles by doing those things seen below.

Contribute by:[]

  • Fixing broken links
  • Redirecting pages to the correct article
  • Adding missing articles that are linked to (red links)
  • Pointing out mistakes, holes, missing info to others
  • Helping to organise a particular area
  • Adding external links to full text journal articles to any one of the hundreds of journals listed at this site.

Improvement Pages[]

These need to be written, but the content they require will help structure improvement a lot. Please fix these Bad articles:

  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to using templates
  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to using categories
  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to cleaning articles

Help Page Re-write[]

We need to re-write our help pages so they are good for both the general user/contributor and specific to our project. See Help:Contents.

Need Template Specialist[]

We need someone who knows about templates to fix various template issues on the Wiki. For example: Endnote templates in the article: Brain.

Backup Team[]

If you are reliable and would like to join the backup team for this site please volunteer on the Backup Team page.

Creating New Articles[]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Creating new articles
See Also: Tasks To Do List

Always remember to Search for the article you intend to create, to check there is not an existing article by that name which you could improve.

Useful Pages on Article Creation[]

Adding Categories[]

  • Write page on Psychology Wiki:Guide to using categories

Using Templates[]



Attracting New Contributors[]

Main article: Psychology Wiki:Attracting new contributors
See Also: Tasks To Do List

One of the first tasks for the Psychology Wiki is to make as many people as possible aware of its existence. The more people that know about and use this project, the more contributors we will gain, which will enable our vision to be realised.

Useful places to raise awareness of this project include:

Psychology resources[]