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The pages listed below contain various tools and tutorials intended to simplify, make more efficient, or provide additional functionality to Wikipedians.

Browsing and editing[]

File:Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox.png

Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox - see /Browser integration#... or the homepage for details

  • Not English - Some tools need their descriptions translated from German; others are not available in English. Help translate if you can!
  • Browser integration: tools intended to enhance browser functions as related to Wikipedia; contains bookmarklets, user scripts, browser extensions, etc.
  • Alternative browsing - Alternatives to accessing Wikipedia through your web browser (mobile devices, desktop integration, alternate portals, etc.)
  • Editing tools: tools intended to provide enhanced editing functionality; contains edit bots, spellcheckers, wikisyntax conversion utilities, etc.
  • Wikipedia:Kate's Tool (edit counter)
  • Interiot's Edit Counter (enhanced version of Kate's Tool)
  • Wikipedia:Syndication (RSS feeds, etc.)
  • User Scripts

External programming interfaces[]


Page histories[]

IRC tools[]

See Wikipedia:IRC channels.

Google tools[]

  • Mirrors of Wikimedia content can be filtered from Google search result pages in Firefox using the CustomizeGoogle extension. See meta:Mirror filter for instructions and a filter list.
  • Placeopedia Provides a means by which Google map markers can be linked directly to Wikipedia articles.

Conversion to other formats[]

Internet explorer alpha transparency[]

If you use an Internet Explorer version prior to IE 7.0 Beta, a bug in IE hurts IE's display of alpha transparency. This makes a lot of images with transparent backgrounds look bad. To fix this, copy and paste this code into User:YOURUSERNAMEHERE/monobook.js, replacing YOURUSERNAMEHERE by your actual username in your browser's Address bar at the top.


See also[]