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The pages listed below contain various tools and tutorials intended to simplify, make more efficient, or provide additional functionality to Wikipedians.

Browsing and editing

File:Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox.png

Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox - see /Browser integration#... or the homepage for details

  • Not English - Some tools need their descriptions translated from German; others are not available in English. Help translate if you can!
  • Browser integration: tools intended to enhance browser functions as related to Wikipedia; contains bookmarklets, user scripts, browser extensions, etc.
  • Alternative browsing - Alternatives to accessing Wikipedia through your web browser (mobile devices, desktop integration, alternate portals, etc.)
  • Editing tools: tools intended to provide enhanced editing functionality; contains edit bots, spellcheckers, wikisyntax conversion utilities, etc.
  • Wikipedia:Kate's Tool (edit counter)
  • Interiot's Edit Counter (enhanced version of Kate's Tool)
  • Wikipedia:Syndication (RSS feeds, etc.)
  • User Scripts

External programming interfaces


Page histories

IRC tools

See Wikipedia:IRC channels.

Google tools

  • Mirrors of Wikimedia content can be filtered from Google search result pages in Firefox using the CustomizeGoogle extension. See meta:Mirror filter for instructions and a filter list.
  • Placeopedia Provides a means by which Google map markers can be linked directly to Wikipedia articles.

Conversion to other formats

Internet explorer alpha transparency

If you use an Internet Explorer version prior to IE 7.0 Beta, a bug in IE hurts IE's display of alpha transparency. This makes a lot of images with transparent backgrounds look bad. To fix this, copy and paste this code into User:YOURUSERNAMEHERE/monobook.js, replacing YOURUSERNAMEHERE by your actual username in your browser's Address bar at the top.


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