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Brain: Rhinencephalon
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In animal anatomy, the rhinencephalon is a part of the brain involved with olfaction.


The term "Rhinencephalon" has been used to describe different structures at different points in time.[1]

One definition includes the olfactory bulb, olfactory tract, anterior olfactory nucleus,anterior perforated substance, medial olfactory stria, lateral olfactory stria, parts of the amygdala and prepyriform area.[2]

Some references classify other areas of the brain related to perception of smell as rhinencephalon, but the areas of human brains that receive fibers strictly from the olfactory bulb are limited to those of the paleopallium. As such, the rhinencephalon includes the olfactory bulb, the olfactory tract, the olfactory tubercle and striae, the anterior olfactory nucleus and parts of the amygdala and the piriform cortex.


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