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The right hemisphere (aka right brain) mirrors a large part of the aspect if the left brain but also has distinct functions

Left vs. Right

Linear reasoning[1] and language functions such as grammar and vocabulary[2] often are lateralized to the left hemisphere of the brain.

In contrast, prosodic language functions, such as intonation and accentuation, often are lateralized to the right hemisphere of the brain.[3][4] Functions such as the processing of visual and audiological stimuli, spatial manipulation, facial perception, and artistic ability seem to be functions of the right hemisphere.

Other integrative functions, including arithmetic,[5][6] binaural sound localization, and emotions, seem more bilaterally controlled.

Left hemisphere functions Right hemisphere functions
analytical[7] holistic[1][7]
verbal[1][7][8] prosodic[8]
logical[1][7] intuitive[1][7][9]
numerical computation (exact calculation, numerical comparison, estimation)
left hemisphere only: direct fact retrieval[5][6]
numerical computation (approximate calculation, numerical comparison, estimation)[5][6]
language: grammar/vocabulary, literal[10] language: intonation/accentuation, prosody, pragmatic, contextual[10]

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