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The Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA) consists of 2 different but interdependent tests. The tests measure aspects of numerical reasoning requiring the individual to consider alternative solutions relative to given problems.

The individual’s task is to study each problem and evaluate how appropriate or valid these alternatives are. Test one assesses comparison of quantities, test two is concerned with sufficiency of information. There are 32 questions in total, taking about 40 minutes to complete.

Background to RANRA

RANRA has been developed as a companion tool to Watson-Glaser specifically to assess the higher level numerical skills required of managers today. Used either in combination with Watson-Glaser or on its own, the test assesses an individual’s capacity for deduction, interpretation and evaluation. It is not a computational maths test, but a sophisticated and highly developed assessment of internalised mathematical knowledge combined with real life problem solving. The test measures various aspects of numerical reasoning that together give a whole picture of the candidate’s higher cognitive facilities.

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