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Nerve: Sacral splanchnic nerves
Lower half of right sympathetic cord. (Sacral splanchnic nerves not pictures, but upper sacral ganglion and hypogastric plexus are labeled at bottom left.)
Latin nervi splanchnici sacrales
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Sacral splanchnic nerves are nerves that connect the inferior hypogastric plexus to the sympathetic trunk in the pelvis.


The sacral sympathetic nerves arise from the sacral part of the sympathetic trunk, emerging anteriorly from the ganglia. They travel to their corresponding side's inferior hypogastric plexus. From this plexus, they help innervate pelvic organs and vessels.

The sacral sympathetic nerves contain preganglionic sympathetic fibers, as well as visceral afferent fibers. They are found in the same region as the pelvic splanchnic nerves, which arise from the sacral spinal nerves to provide parasympathetic fibers to the inferior hypogastric plexus.

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