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A sexual health clinic is a clinic that specializes in treatment of sex-related problems. Sexual health clinics have been known as VD clinics, STD clinics and GUM clinics (GUM for genitourinary medicine).

Almost every sexual health clinic will, at the very least, employ a public health nurse who can discuss sexual issues with visitors and patients and provide referrals to community agencies for additional information. Larger clinics may offer a full medical staff who are able to provide a full range of sexuality-related services, including testing for, protection from or treatment of sexually-transmitted diseases, and perhaps even psychological counseling. Very few sexual health clinics offer abortion services, although many offer "morning after" pills to female patients.

Many clinics target specific populations such as men, women, the LGBT population, ethnic minorities, or students, although some do generalize. Even clinics who service everyone tend to have separate hours or facilities for men and women, and most clinics of a decent size will let the patient choose if they would be more comfortable with male or female staff members.

Most clinics offer some degree of anonymity to their clients, or at the very least a "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy, due to the sensitive and personal nature of sexual problems and issues.

While few clinics offer 24-7 services, many of them see walk-in patients and do not require appointments except for complex or sensitive procedures.

Counselling in sexual health