Signal processing

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Signal processing is the processing, amplification and interpretation of signals and deals with the analysis and manipulation of signals.

Signal classification

Signals can be either analog or digital, and may come from various sources.

There are various sorts of signal processing, depending on the nature of the signal, as in the following examples.

For analog signals, signal processing may involve the amplification and filtering of audio signals for audio equipment or the modulation and demodulation of signals for telecommunications. For digital signals, signal processing may involve the compression, error checking and error detection of digital signals.

  • Analog signal processing—for signals that have not been digitized, as in classical radio, telephone, radar, and television systems
  • Digital signal processing—for signals that have been digitized. Processing is done by digital circuits such as ASICs, FPGAs, general-purpose microprocessors or computers, or specialized digital signal processor chips.
  • Statistical Signal Processing—analyzing and extracting information from signals based on their statistical properties
  • Audio signal processing—for electrical signals representing sound, such as music
  • Speech signal processing—for processing and interpreting spoken words
  • Image processing—in digital cameras, computers, and various imaging systems
  • Video signal processing—for interpreting moving pictures
  • Array processing—for processing signals from arrays of sensors

Topics in signal processing

  • Sampling (signal processing)
  • Quantization (signal processing)
  • LTI system theory
  • Fourier transform

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