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A sleep log is a record of an individual's sleeping and waking times, usually over a period of several weeks. It is used to diagnose circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and to monitor whether treatment of those disorders is successful.

A sleep log usually includes:

  1. The time the person tried to fall asleep
  2. The time the person thinks they fell asleep
  3. The number, time, and length of any nighttime awakenings
  4. The time the person woke up
  5. The time the person got out of bed
  6. The time the person had wanted to wake up
  7. Whether the person got up by themselves, by an alarm clock, or because of being disturbed
  8. A few words about how the person felt during the day
  9. The start and end times of any daytime naps
  10. What, if any, medications the person was using

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