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Subjective may refer to:

  • Subject (philosophy), a being which has subjective experiences or a relationship with another entity (or "object")
    • Subjectivity - refers to the property of perceptions, arguments, and the language terms use to communicate such, as being based in a subject point of view, and hence influenced in accordance with a particular bias. Its opposite property is objectivity.
    • Subjective experience, the sensory buzz and awareness associated with a conscious mind
  • The subjective case, in grammar, a grammatical case for a noun, which generally marks the subject of a verb, as opposed to its object or other verb arguments
  • Subjective or bayesian probability, the tenet that the mathematical theory of probability is applicable to the degree to which a person believes a proposition
  • Subjective theory of value, an economic theory of value that holds that there is no intrinsic value of goods and services; rather, things become valuable solely by individuals' desiring to have them, and the magnitude of that value is measured by how much of any given thing one is willing to forgo in order to obtain them