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Suicide watch is an intensive monitoring process used to ensure that an individual does not commit suicide. Usually the term is used in reference to inmates in a prison or psychiatric hospital. Individuals are placed on suicide watch when it is believed there is a good chance they will attempt to harm themselves.

What happens to people under suicide watch?

People under suicide watch are put into an environment where it would be difficult for them to hurt themselves. They may be placed in a special padded cell and be stripped of anything with which they might hurt themselves (including shoelaces and belt, and sometimes even bed sheets). They may be under continuous or very frequent watch of a guard (a prison officer or orderly) who will intervene if they attempt to harm themselves.

Notable people who are/were on suicide watch

  • Ian Brady
  • Martin Bryant
  • Ray Combs (successfully committed suicide)
  • Lee Hughes
  • Harold Shipman (successfully committed suicide while not on suicide watch)
  • Luke Mitchell
  • Many prisoners of the Nuremberg Trials
  • Shahbaz from Big Brother
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