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This metadata template links Wikipedia articles to various library catalogue systems. At the moment, it is used almost exclusively in biographical articles. See authority control and Wikipedia:Authority control for more information.

The supported authority files include:

  1. Universal Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei or GND)
  2. Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
  3. Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)
  4. LIBRIS by the National Library of Sweden (SELIBR)
  5. Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)
  6. Dutch Biography Portal (Biografisch Portaal or BPN)
  7. Outdated: Name Authority File (Personennamendatei or PND), now part of GND
  8. Outdated: Corporate Bodies Authority File (Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei or GKD), now part of GND
  9. Outdated: Subject Headings Authority File (Schlagwortnormdatei or SWD), now part of GND

Where possible, the template also generates a link to WorldCat Identities, using the LCCN variable. (It will shortly be possible to link using VIAF values - this is being tested by OCLC and will be activated in the template as soon as it goes live.)


{{Authority control |VIAF=xxxxxx |LCCN=n/xx/xxxxxx |GND=xxxxxx |SELIBR=xxxxxx |ORCID=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx |BNF=xxxxxx |BPN=xxxxx |RID=xxxxx |BIBSYS=xxxxx |ULAN=xxxxx }}

{{Authority control |VIAF= |LCCN= |GND= |SELIBR= |ORCID= |BNF= |BPN= |RID= |BIBSYS= |ULAN= }}
The following data sources are accepted
Parameter Scope Name Search Remarks
VIAF People Virtual International Authority File [1] International authority data from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
GND All Universal Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei) [2] [3] Authority data on people, corporations and subjects from the German National Library
LCCN People Library of Congress Control Number [4] See Wikipedia:Authority control#LCCN for formatting instructions
SELIBR People LIBRIS Authority data from the National Library of Sweden
ORCID People ORCID [5] Authority data on researchers, academics, etc. The ID range has been defined as a subset of the forthcoming ISNI range. For free text links, it is also possible to use {{ORCID}}. Authors - including Wikipedia editors - may obtain an ORCID by signing up at
BNF People Bibliothèque nationale de France [6] (French) Authority data of people listed in the general catalogue of the National Library of France
BPN People Dutch Biography Portal (Biografisch Portaal) [7] Dutch project with material for 40,000 digitized biographies, including former colonies of the Netherlands.
RID People ResearcherID [8] An identifying system for scientific authors. The system was introduced in January 2008 by Thomson Reuters. The combined use of the Digital Object Identifier with the ResearcherID allows for a unique association of authors and scientific articles.
BIBSYS People BIBSYS [9] BIBSYS is a supplier of library and information systems for all Norwegian university Libraries, the National Library of Norway, college libraries, and a number of research libraries and institutions.
ULAN Artists Union List of Artist Names [10] ULAN is an online database using a controlled vocabulary currently containing around 293,000 names and other information about artists. Names in ULAN may include given names, pseudonyms, variant spellings, names in multiple languages, and names that have changed over time (e.g., married names).
The following data sources are deprecated

and will cause articles to be added to hidden tracking sub-categories of Category:Wikipedia articles with authority control information: Template:Collapse top

Scope Name Remarks Tracking
PND People Personennamendatei
(now part of GND)
Authority data on people from the German National Library (deprecated, please use GND


PND cat
GKD Corporations Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei
(now part of GND)
Authority data on corporations from the German National Library (deprecated, please use GND


GKD cat
GKD-V1 Corporations Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei
(now part of GND)
Authority data on corporations from the German National Library (obsolete, deprecated, retained for legacy purposes, please use GND


SWD Subjects Schlagwortnormdatei
(now part of GND)
Authority data on subjects from the German National Library (deprecated, please use GND


SWD cat

Template:Collapse bottom


{{Authority control|GND=119408643|LCCN=n/79/113947|VIAF=59263727}} (for Alexander Graham Bell) produces

{{Authority control|VIAF=66861474}} (for Henry Witherby) produces:


The template wraps each UID value with the XHTML code: <span class="uid">...</span>, which enables the first-found value to be included in an hCard microformat. For that reason, VIAF, where present, is given first.

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See also

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For more information
  • de:Wikipedia:Normdaten (German)
  • de:Hilfe:GND (German)

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