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This template creates a tabbed layout for an article. It is designed for articles that have become very large and need to be divided into subpages. It works with up to eight tabs, but be aware that the tab names must be very short when using this many. The default setting is 4 tabs, named "Background", "Pro", "Con", and "Proposal", and your subpages must have these same names (with the exception of the first tab, which is the main page for the article). There is also a link at the bottom of each of these pages to a "perspectives" subpage.

To use this template with the default tab names, include the following at the top of each page, replacing "selected" with "tab1", "tab2", "tab3", "tab4", or "perspectives":


To use different tab names, include this code, replacing "selected" with "tab1", "tab2" ... "tab8", or "perspectives" and the italicized titles with the appropriate tab names:


Remember that the tab names must match the subpage names, and are case sensitive.

You must also include the following at the end of each page:


If the template is being used for an article that is already a subpage, you will need to include the selected part for tab1, but this is not likely to be the case outside of sandbox environments.

Optionally, it may be useful to create a new template for the article referencing this one. This template would include the appropriate tab names and the categories for the article, ensuring that this information will remain the same for all subpages.