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Terminal sulcus of tongue
The entrance to the larynx, viewed from behind. (Sulcus terminalis is labeled at center top .)
Latin sulcus terminalis linguae
Gray's subject #242 1125
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Tongue. (Terminal sulcus is not labeled, but it is visible at approximately the level of the circumvallate papillae.)

The Terminal sulcus of tongue is an organ found on the dorsal surface of the tongue in the oral cavity.

The dorsum of the tongue is convex and marked by a median sulcus, which divides it into symmetrical halves; this sulcus ends about 2.5 cm. from the root of the organ, in a depression called the foramen cecum, from which a shallow groove, the terminal sulcus, runs laterally and forward on either side to the margin of the tongue. This sulcus divides the tongue into pharyngeal and oral parts .Pharyngeal part is supplied by glossopharyngeal nerve and oral part is supplied by lingual nerve from chorda tympani

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