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Thomas Luckmann (b. 1927) was Professor for Sociology at the University of Constance in Germany. Since 1994 he is professor emeritus. He is well known for the book The social construction of reality (1966, together with Peter L. Berger) and for Structures of the Life-World (1982, together with Alfred Schütz).

Research areas of Luckmann include the Sociology of knowledge, the sociology of religion, the sociology of communication and the philosophy of science.

His works include:

  • The Social Construction of Reality. A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge (1966, with Peter L. Berger)ISBN 0140135480
  • The Invisible Religion. The Problem of Religion in Modern Society (1967)
  • The Sociology of Language (1975)
  • Structures of the Life-World (1982, with Alfred Schütz)
  • Life-World and Social Realities (1983)

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