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A trade-a-fact website is one run on the principle that users who take a fact should contribute a fact -- or more broadly, users who take an idea should contribute an idea. For help on how to contribute go here

This should not deter you from using the site, but it is a principle to aspire to.


Using the old internet technology of static websites, where material is uploaded and updated by a webmaster, sites can only be viewed passively, and the user is just a consumer of content.

The availability of the new collaborative software, where readers can contribute, brings with it the need for a more active stance to help build the new kind of knowledge structure never before possible.

There is a growing academic and professional expectation that users will participate by adding to this site.

The social contract[]

Each generation of technology brings its own etiquette and social rules which take some time to be socially negotiated. Just as you now switch off your mobile phone in lectures, or dont talk during films at the cinema, on the new collaborative websites the social contract involved between one user and the others is that facts will be traded.

What to do[]

If you find a reference useful - add an ISBN link; if you find an ISBN link useful - add an informative paragraph to an article. Where you can, contribute in kind for the benefits you receive. This doesn't preclude you from contributing more actively, that is always welcome. Rather, it indicates a fresh academic and professional responsibility placed on you to help build this new kind of knowledge database. For a list of things to do go here

Just as most academic and professional people are expected to know how to use the old internet, now the expectation is that they have the skills to contribute to the modern, collaborative internet.

You can help this process yourselves by developing these skills and then disseminating them to others.

Take the time to learn the simple procedures for editing on the editing tutorial page, and don't let your anxiety about treading this new ground overcome you - because contributing is the 'right' thing to do!

Here is the current list of tasks to do. There is much to choose from for all levels of skill. Take your pick, join us and enjoy!!!