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It often appears that different theories are talking about the same phenomena but in different languages In this area I thought we might look to embark on the project of developing an interpretive framework to make the interpretations clearer and perhaps move to an integrated model that we can build upon. As a start it seems to me that Youngs schema focused model is a good base on which to map psychoanalytic concepts of transference etc. Can anyone make some progress here? While this is an aside from the encyclopedic aspect of the site I feel this sort of project can be conducted very usefully here. Once we get started please us the discussion page for message, and co-thinking etc

An associated aspect of this , developing a common language for psychotherapy procedures, is being undertaken at The Task Force aims to develop a dictionary of psychotherapy procedures which can serve as a reference guide to encourage therapists from different schools to use the same terminology to describe the procedures they employ in their clinical practice]