Trends in Neurosciences

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Trends in Neurosciences (TiNS; ISSN 0166-2236) is a monthly review journal, and one of fourteen Trends titles that each focus on different areas of life science. The Trends journals are published by Elsevier and aimed at academic, industrial and applied scientists as well as students.

Launched in 1978 (two years after Trends in Biochemical Sciences), the magazine style of TiNS – short articles on topical advances – was unique among neuroscience journals of the time. It rapidly gained popularity and remains among the most highly cited journals within neuroscience.

The format of the journal consists of two main article types: mini-review style Reviews, and Opinion articles, which are the same length as the Reviews, but with greater scope for hypothesis and personal perspective. Both article types are written in an accessible style by leading researchers, and aim to cover advances in understanding and emerging themes within neuroscience. Shorter news-style Research Focus articles are also occasionally included.

Topics covered include:
• Nervous system development
• Glial biology and neuron-glia interactions
• Synaptic physiology including plasticity and membrane trafficking
• Neuronal signalling mechanisms
• Computational neuroscience
• Sensory systems
• Motor systems
• Neuroendocrinology
• Behavioural neuroscience
• Learning and memory
• Neurological basis of addiction
• Diseases of the nervous system

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