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Brain: Trigeminocerebellar fibers
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The trigeminocerebellar fibers are fibers in the superior cerebellar peduncles which transmit proprioceptive information from the face to the cerebellum. This information originates in proprioceptors (e.g., muscle spindles) in the face. Primary cell bodies are in the mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve. These fibers transmit information to secondary afferent cell bodies in the oralis and interpolaris portions of the spinal trigeminal nucleus plus the principal nucleus. Axons from the spinal nucleus (and a smaller number from the principal nucleus) then form the trigeminocerebellar tract and ascend to the cerebellum.

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  • Bukowska D, Mierzejewska-Krzyzowska B, Zguczyński L (2006). Topography and axonal collaterals of trigeminocerebellar projection to the paramedian lobule and uvula in the rabbit cerebellum. Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars) 66 (2): 145–51.

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