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Alcohol psychology
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Alcohol use
Alcohol abuse
Alcohol consumption and health
Treatment of alcohol problems

Underage drinking is the drinking of alcoholic beverages before the legal drinking age.

Under supervision

It is usual in many cultures for parents and other responsible adults to provide alcohol to teenagers to help socialise them in terms of social drinking in family gatherings etc. Such occasional use may be regarded as educational. Problems may develop where the adults are not responsible and where they model increased intake even drunkeness. The children of alcoholics can for example suffer in this way [citation needed]

Absent supervision

Where supervision is absent or neglectful underage drinking, particularly if persistant and/or excessive can bring a number of negative consequences. In this environment peer pressure may lead youngsters encouraging each other to increased experimentation, increased intake and episodes of binge drinking, with reduced levels of cognitive and self control

Physical effects on the body

The effects of alcohol on the body in the young can be more pronounced due to their reduced bodyweight[citation needed]

Behavioral effects

Intoxication can lead to unrestrained behavior in terms of increased antisocial behavior, delinquency, violence. The after effects can lead to poor academic performance, truancy[citation needed] etc

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