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File:UC Berkeley in 1898.JPG

University of California (at Berkeley), c. 1898

Returning to America in 1896, George M. Stratton rejoined the University of California as an instructor.[1]Template:Efn In 1897 he was promoted to assistant professor.[2] By 1898 he no longer taught philosophy but several psychology courses.[3]Template:Efn

After a period away he returnedto Berkeley from Johns Hopkins in [[]], Stratton stayed in the philosophy department as its second faculty member and first psychology specialist until the psychology department broke off in 1922. The new department started with four people: Stratton as chair; Edward Chace Tolman, with a Harvard degree, and an initiator of rodent experiments soiling the rooms of the philosophy department and hastening the split of the psychology division; Brown, Stratton's earlier student and Berkeley faculty member from 1908 onward; and Olga Bridgman, the first Berkeley psychology PhD awardee, albeit from the philosophy department. Before the split Stratton had set up Berkeley's first psychology lab in the philosophy department and taught psychology courses with Brown. The courses included sensation, perception, emotion, memory, and applications of psychology to professions such as law, medicine, schooling and clerical work by priests.[4]

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