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I am a retired professor of developmental psychology at Leiden University, The Netherlands. I am 74 years old.

My given names are Geldolph Adriaan, so most of my publications have G.A. (Kohnstamm) as initials. But you may also search for Dolph or even Dolf Kohnstamm


User Dr Joe Kiff (alias Lifeartist), the founder of this site, introduced me to Psychology Wiki during the Wikimania conference in Cambridge, Mass. in August 2006.

I am actively involved in improving the quality of the psychology portal and articles in the Dutch Wikipedia. I have recently begun inviting former colleagues from Dutch universities to contribute their knowledge to Wikipedia, and to help raise the quality in the domains of psychology and pedagogy.

In July 2007, my new book "I am I: Sudden Flashes of Self-awareness in Childhood" was published by Athena Press in London.( and ( The book reports the study of the recollections some adults have of a striking 'I-am-me' experience in childhood or early adolescence. So far my collection of such memories is limited to what readers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have sent me. Earlier versions of this book were published in Amsterdam (2002, in Dutch) and in Bern (2004, in German).

  • My home address is: Prinsengracht 792, 1017 LH Amsterdam, the Netherlands.