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Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D.

Born in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is a noted psychotherapist, existential psychoanalyst, Professor of Existential Psychology and Director of the Critical Psychology Program at European-American University, who for the past 10 years has been dedicated to drug free relational approaches to help those undergoing extreme states of mind (schizophrenia and psychoses, bipolar) as well as aiding autistic and developmentally different persons.

Dr. Edmunds pioneered a project where persons who would be typically institutionalized and given large amounts of suppressive medication could instead live in the community and be supported in a way where barriers between therapist and client are broken down. Dr. Edmunds has assisted autistic and developmentally different persons and formed the Northeastern Pennsylvania Regional Autism Acceptance Project to promote autonomy, understanding, tolerance, inclusion, and self-determination.

Dr. Edmunds completed undergraduate studies at the University of Florida and received a Master of Arts in Theology from the University of Scranton. He completed post graduate work in Dispute Resolution at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Edmunds completed his Doctorate of Education in Community Counseling at University of Sarasota. He is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association.

In 1991, he was the youngest legislative aide to serve in the Colorado State Senate and became involved in social activism. He was previously a campaign coordinator for a congressional campaign in Florida, organized a Youth Commission in Ormond Beach, FL and been a speaker at various political events. His political commentary has been focused on social justice/equality and civil liberty.

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is the compassionate voice in the mental health system. He is a leading figure in the worldwide movement for a more humane psychiatric system and for progressive mental health services. He is a noted psychotherapist, child developmental specialist, sociologist and counselor working with both children and adults. His prolific books have discussed the social, political, and familial processes that create emotional distress and he has developed drug free approaches to aiding individuals undergoing extreme states of mind. Psychologist and Professor Eddy Regnier, Ph.D. remarked that Dr. Edmunds "(has) wonderful openness (and is able) to find calm even in the most troubled situation" and Psychologist and author John Breeding, Ph.D. has stated that Dr. Edmunds is a very clear thinker and writer who has defended and supported the spirited nature of children. Dr. Steven Gans, Associate Professor and an associate of the world renowned R.D. Laing stated, "Dr. Dan is an intelligent and caring practitioner". Dr. Edmunds is a contributor to Psychology Today in the area of extreme states of mind.

Dr. Edmunds is Professor of Existential Psychology and Comparative Religion for the European-American University and Director of the Critical Psychology Certificate Program and the Alternative Mental Health Services program. Dr. Edmunds is a member of the International Society for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Society for Laingian Studies.

Dr. Edmunds has posed critical questions to the psychiatric establishment and to society as a whole and has developed approaches towards helping distressed individuals that are compassionate and empowering and encourage self-determination and autonomy. He has been an advocate for social justice and for human rights in the mental health system. He has helped many individuals given various serious psychiatric labels live a more fulfilling life and be able to reduce or eliminate their dependency on psychiatric drugs. Many persons who have been damaged by bio-psychiatry have come to Dr. Edmunds for consultation as a last resort. Dr. Edmunds has extensive experience aiding those undergoing extreme states of mind (what is commonly diagnosed as schizophrenia, bipolar, schizoaffective) and those who have the experience of hearing voices. He has worked with over 80 autistic/developmentally children using a relational approach and has been a proponent of the autistic rights movement. Dr. Edmunds' articles "Entering Their Imaginative World" and "The Value of a Relationship Based Approach to Autism" detail some of his loving, respectful, and supportive work with autistic children and their families. Dr. Edmunds has also been involved in successful drug free intervention for children and teens with challenging behaviors, particularly those who have received such labels as Bipolar, Conduct Disorder, ADHD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Dr. Edmunds has been involved in family mediation and offered expert testimony in family courts. Dr. Edmunds' has been active in issues of social justice for some time. Dr. Edmunds' work has become known internationally. He has been featured in various news articles and nationally syndicated radio programs. He previously hosted a local radio program addressing children's mental health. His article, "Restoring the Soul to the Mental Health System" was published in the Aaina Journal of the Center for Mental Health Advocacy in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is the author of "The Meetng of Two Persons" and "Mystical Metaphors" as well as numerous articles related to humane psychiatry, ethics in mental health practice, family dynamics, child and adolescent development, and autism. Dr. Edmunds has served as a pastoral counselor, Professor of Existential Psychology, psychological associate/evaluator, psychotherapist for community based agencies, clinical director for a therapeutic equestrian program, coordinator of therapeutic communities, and was previously a legislative aide and registered professional lobbyist. He is Board Certified in Sexual Abuse Issues through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is a past member of the International Society for the Psychosocial Treatment of Psychoses. In addition, he has been a consultant to special education departments.


Dr. Edmunds has lectured and delivered seminars throughout North America and has been a guest on radio television programs among them the nationally syndicated radio program "Take America Back", Talk of Connecticut WRDC-AM (Hartford, CT); WILK-FM (Wilkes Barre, PA), AM Radio in Daytona Beach, FL; The American Law Journal television program on Philadelphia CNN Affiliate; Highway to Health (Tropic Wave Radio, Melbourne, FL), and Freedomain Radio.

Dr. Edmunds' approaches have helped to return a 'soul' to the mental health system. With a combined background in community counseling, philosophy, activism, and comparative religion, Dr. Edmunds has sought to integrate new ways of finding meaning and purpose for the persons he serves. Much of his work has been in helping people undergoing emotional and mental distress come to a greater sense of wholeness through personal growth and self-transformation processes.Dr. Edmunds provides counseling and consultation to children and families from Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York from his office in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, USA, near Scranton, Pennsylvania and approximately 2 hours from Philadelphia and New York City. Dr. Edmunds is available to provide telephone and internet consultation to those residing in other locations. Dr. Edmunds is also available for lectures and seminars. Dr. Edmunds website is at and he can be contacted by e-mail for consultation at

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