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Tom Michael BSc

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My Logo for the Psychology Wiki

I have recently graduated with a 2:1 degree in Psychology from Newman College in Birmingham, England. I have just been invited to start a PhD in a clinical/health psychology area, looking at Carer stress in family members of people with Dysexecutive Syndrome. What this means is how carers and family members of people with a Frontal Lobe type brain injury cope in terms of stress and depression.

I initially did a lot of work helping to create an outline for this site, so that other people could join and participate, but I tried to do too much and had high expectations about the numbers of people who might join and contribute to the project. I have now returned to it and am going to try to provide a more balanced amount of work and contribution.

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  • My real name is Tom Michael
  • I am in GMT +1 (British Summer Time) Timezone
  • Email & MSN Messenger: mostlyzen(AT)
  • Academic Email: T.M.Michael(AT)
  • My Wikipedia userpage
  • My Myspace page: Mostly Zen
  • My Facebook page: [1]


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