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Hi all, at... Psychology Wiki, Social activist. I am Masculist (also spelt as Masculinist) showing it’s equal to Feminist .

Physiological vs psychological

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List of list... problem


My Psychology


why: Mental exercise (redirects to Brain fitness) and Physical exercise (to Exercise)

why: Mental (redirects to Mind) ((Brain)) and Physical (to Body)

Mental list and Physical list

Activism vs Anarchism

One 'Mans' Activism is another's Anarchism!

One 'Mans' Activist is another's Anarchist!


One 'Mans' Freedom Fighter is another's Terrorist!

Race (Racial) versus Ethnic (Ethnical) (not to be confused with Ethic (Ethical))

Authoritarianism, Libertarianism, and Totalitarianism 

Feminism and Masculism (also referred to as Masculinism) 
Feminist and Masculist (also referred to as Masculinist) 
Feminists and Masculists (also referred to as Masculinists)

Masculinity and Masculine.
Femininity  and Feminine.

 Heterosexuality (Hetero),
 Homosexuality (Homo),
 Asexuality (A),
 and Bisexuality (Bi)

Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism.