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This user is a robot operated infrequently by Phlox.

For quicker response, please direct questions to Phlox's user talk page on Genealogy wikia.

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  • none

Ongoing uploads

Images for an article will be automatically uploaded along with all descriptions and rights templates by placing the name of the psychology article on the following page: Please feel free to drop Phlox a note if images have not been uploaded for many days.


  • There was an error that might affect the transfer of some templates named a-c. I have not investigated the scope of how many templates are affected, though it is likely very small. The error is that instead of executing the template, "1. Redirect" will be displayed on the page, with a link to the redirect template.

Completed Tasks

  • 2007-11-05 By request of Joe, (see this note) PhloxBot transfered all missing images referenced in articles from Wikipedia to Psychology wikia.


  • Resolved: Bot flag. If PhloxBot is flooding the Change log, just click "Hide Bots". This appears to work now. Yay Catherine Munro of the Wikia Community Team!