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Let me start my story at the age of 37. Life was going great, I had a beautiful wife and also two beautiful and great daughters. It felt as if I was on cloud nine. Boy would everything change in an instance. I have being having Back Pains for about four months now, but not that Severe that a little self medicating couldn't take care of. On a cold January night I was at work, just doing my job like any other day. When I went to lift the product and bam like someone just stabbed me in the Back and down I went. Before I knew it, I was at the hospital and the doctor just telling me I pulled my Back muscles. He gave me a shot in the ass and sent me on my way. Wow, was he wrong, he got the right part of my body but his prognosis was way off! I got lucky and was able to see a Orthopedic Surgeon within a couple weeks. I was in Severe Pain My O.S. was able to get me a M.R.I. within the week. With M.R.I. in hand I was able to walk into the office of my O.S. He inserted the disc and schrolled through it as he turned around, he said to me how about getting you in this week because you have a Massive Seqestered L5-S1 Disc Herniation. He performed a Left L5-S1 laminotomy, discetomy and foraminotomies.

Within 8 months I was back to work, my Back actually felt great. That was going to change and this time I would not come out feeling as great as I did previous. Four years has pasted. This time I would have different Pain. Also in the Lower Back and also Severe. So off I went again, with M.R.I. in hand and entering into his office. As I tried to sit down, he looked at me and said you don't look to good, I just smirked. Before I knew it I was back onto the operating table. He performed a Right L4-5 Posterior Spinal Decompression and Discectomy.

My last surgery was August 2009 and I am sorry to say but it didn't work. To add salt to my wound is that W.S.I.B. is denying my claim of elegibility. It's been over a year since I have worked and I'm going crazy. Thought I would just vent and to see if anyone out there could give me some advice on how to to see the glass half full and not half empty........ ARE YOU OUT THERE, I REALLY DO HOPE SO!!!!!!!!

R1q2a12 13:36, October 24, 2010 (UTC)