Psychology Wiki

Hello everyone!

I'm sure most of you have noticed the little site notice appearing on the wiki about the MediaWiki 1.39 update. I just wanted to give a little bit more information about it.

What's being updated? Mostly coding underneath the hood. There will be no major design changes. Consider it like replacing the battery of a car - the car will still be the same outwardly, but it just needs some updates underneath.

All Fandom wikis will be updating to MediaWiki 1.39 in the coming month. I don't have an exact timeline at this moment, but expect it to happen in mid-March or April. During the migration to 1.39, the wikis will be set in read-only mode. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes (major wikis could need more hours). One week before migration, a banner will appear on communities to let you know the migration is scheduled. For one week after the migration, a similar banner to let users know the community is now on the new version.

Most importantly, if you experience any bugs after the move, please either report them to me either on my message wall or Discord. We've done our best to squash and take note of any bugs in our testing phase, but any additional pokes would be greatly appreciated!

Please check out the help page on Community Central for a changelog and further information. ^^