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File:Panasonic AJ HD3700H.jpg

A Panasonic D5-VTR Video Tape Recorder AJ-HD3700H

A video tape recorder (VTR), is a tape recorder that can record video material. The video cassette recorder (VCR), where the videotape is enclosed in a user-friendly videocassette shell, is the most familiar type of VTR known to consumers. Professionals may use other types of video tapes and recorders.


File:SONY BVW 65.jpg

Sony Betacam-SP VTP BVW-65 VTR

Video tape recorder technologies include:

Analog reel-to-reel

  • VERA (BBC)
  • 2" Quadruplex (Ampex,(RCA and (Bosch's Fernseh)
  • 1" Type A (Ampex)
  • 1" Type B (Bosch's Fernseh - BTS Philips)
  • IVC 2 inch Helical scan (International Video Corporation's IVC 9000 Format)
  • 1" Type C (Sony, Ampex, NEC and Hitachi)

Professional cassette / cartridge based systems

  • U-matic (3/4")
  • Betacam (Sony)
  • M-II (Panasonic)
  • Betacam SP (Sony)
File:Kaseta wideo w systemie Beta ubt.jpeg
A Betamax video tape by BASF.

Standard definition Digital video tape formats

  • D1 (Sony) and Broadcast Television Systems Inc.
  • D2 (Sony and Ampex)
  • D3 (Panasonic)
  • DCT (Ampex)
  • Digital Betacam (Sony)
  • Betacam IMX (Sony)
  • DVCAM (Sony)
  • DVCPRO (Panasonic)
  • D9 (Digital-S) (JVC)

High definition Digital video tape formats

  • HDCAM (Sony)
  • Intelligent HQ VHS ((Akai))
  • HDCAM-SR (Sony)
  • D5 HD (Panasonic)
  • D6 HDTV VTR (BTS - Philips - Thomson SA - Grass Valley (company))
  • DVCPROHD (Panasonic)
  • D-VHS (JVC and Panasonic)
  • HDV (Sony and JVC)

Consumer formats

  • DV (miniDV is the cassette size)
  • Digital8 (Sony)
  • Video 2000 (Philips)
  • Betamax
  • VHS
  • S-VHS (JVC)
  • VHS-C (JVC)
  • Video8
  • Hi8
  • MicroMV
  • Cartrivision

History of video tape recording

  • Charles P. Ginsburg, at Ampex Corporation

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