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Zick Rubin (born 1944) is an Amercan former social psychologist. He invented Rubin's Scales of Liking and Loving, a scale of romantic attachment.

Rubin is now working as a publishing and copyright lawyer in Boston.

"Death" in 1997

In 2010, Rubin noticed that this Wikia entry reported his death in 1997. He attempted to correct this error, only to have his charge reverted, based on the fact that his death was reported in an authoritative source, Reber and Reber’s Dictionary of Psychology, third edition. Numerous subsequent edits, both by Rubin and by other users, were also reverted. Rubin wrote a humorous op-ed piece about the episode, in which he compared himself to the title character in a children's book, The Bear that Wasn't, who comes to doubt his own identity.

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